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Crypto fund investment still dominated by the United States: Database

Crypto fund investment still dominated by the United States: Database

The cryptocurrency database shows that most companies are venture capital at 52.8%, followed by hedge funds at 44.3%, and then mutual and private equity funds at 2.9%. Although the VC funding in October has been halved, there still seem to be bull funds in this space investing in emerging markets, web3, and infrastructure.

But most people need to learn who these mystery funds are, what they consist of, or how to contact them when a project is underway. For this reason, A Research team created a database of cryptocurrencies, which maintains a list of nearly 900 different crypto funds from around the world. This database is for those who want to keep up with the contacts of makers and makers in the crypto industry. General information such as incorporation dates, contact information (also with backup contacts), company size, size of assets under management (AUM), and much more. This database gives an excellent overview with actionable data.

82.4% of all crypto funds come from 10 countries, led by the United States, with 419 funds. In second place is the UK with 51 funds, followed by China with 46. The funds in these three countries total over AUM 500 billion and can be a formidable force in shaping the future of Web3 and the crypto space. As regulatory discussions intensify in the United States, it could be interesting to see if the bureaucratic bureaucracy needs to allow investment in innovation to see if these funds will shift to more crypto-friendly regions.

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