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Coin Center Sues IRS For Unconstitutional Tax Reporting Rules

Coin Center Sues IRS For Unconstitutional Tax Reporting Rules

Coin Center, a Washington DC-based Not-for-Profit organization with a focus on crypto policies, has filed a lawsuit against the United States Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for a tax reporting requirement it wants to pass into law.

Coin Center said the reporting requirement as detailed in the “Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act” will require users to report transactions of $10,000 and above. The Bill demands the receiver of the funds to share the name of the sender, their date of birth, and their Social Security Number (SSN). According to the Coin Center lawsuit:

“In 2021, President Biden and Congress amended a little-known tax reporting mandate. If the amendment is allowed to go into effect, it will impose a mass surveillance regime on ordinary Americans,” the organization said on its website, adding that “uncover a detailed picture of a person’s personal activities, including intimate and expressive activities far beyond the immediate scope of the mandate. The reports would give the government an unprecedented level of detail about transactions within a realm where users have taken a series of steps to protect their transactional privacy.”

Coin Center is advocating that every American has the right to conduct whatever transactions they wish to conduct within a protected level of privacy that is designed.

Coin Center also noted that its “mission is to defend the rights of individuals to build and use free and open cryptocurrency networks: the right to write and publish code – to read and to run it. The right to assemble into peer-to-peer networks. And the right to do all this privately.”

The United States government has been doing all it can to provide long-sought oversight over the digital currency ecosystem and one of the most proactive ways it is doing this is by expanding the existing taxation provisions. While the Coin Center lawsuit is still very new, it is an indication that the crypto industry might be more resistant to whatever regulation they deem unfavourable.

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