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Celsius promotes radical transparency, doxxes every user

Celsius promotes radical transparency, doxxes every user

Court documents published on Wednesday by bankrupt crypto lender Celsius look to have accidentally doxxed every one of its users and revealed their transactions.

The 14,500 released pages name each and every one of Celsius’s creditors along with every transaction made 90 days prior to the court filing.

In the documents, email and home addresses are redacted but the crypto used, calendar dates of transactions, and full usernames are there for all to see, opening up the potential for doxxing.

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Celsius tried to stop the names and addresses of its customers and employees from being published, in case it wanted to sell this information as an asset.

However, the judge refused and ruled that only emails and home addresses would be kept secret.

The documents include every listed transaction 90 days prior to the Celsius case.

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One Twitter user said, “What was it again they used to say about cryptocurrency… ah yes, ‘anonymous and untraceable.’” Another simply read, “DeCENtrALiZEd tRaNsAcTiOnS.”

The filing also let slip how top executives at Celsius withdrew their holdings as the company went bankrupt:

  • Former CEO Alex Mashinsky withdrew ~$10 million.
  • Former CSO and co-founder Daniel Leon withdrew ~$7 million.
  • CTO Nuke Goldstein withdrew ~$500,000.

A Financial Times reporter corrected prior reports of ~$30 million being withdrawn by the execs, citing that Goldstein’s reported transactions were actually being sent to other Celsius accounts.

Mashinsky resigned last month after the UCC demanded he leave. He said he’ll still commit to “return coins to creditors in the fairest and most efficient way” in order to “help account holders become whole.” Leon also resigned this week.

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