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Cannabis evangelists back the HIGH ecosystem


1st presale sold out within 15 minutes! On Wednesday, 5th of October, veteran investor Tom Kruesopon, known as King of Weed, together with multiple other cannabis evangelists,  invested in the 1st presale for HIGH Token. Other than his current various investments, Mr Kruesopon, one of the biggest buyers of the presale 1, has seen the potential of the HIGH ecosystem – one of the first movers in the cannabis industry since its legalization in Thailand. Thailand is expected to deliver similar growth rates or even higher growth rates in the cannabis industry as to when cannabis was legalized in multiple states in the US. This industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 32.04% over 2021-2028 in the market demand for medical and recreational purposes. This demonstrates a massive growth potential. 

Cannabis evangelists back the HIGH ecosystem.

The presales by HIGH Token are the firsts in Asia which are the investment gateway into the cannabis industry. The HIGH Ecosystem comprises multiple independent profitable cannabis related businesses with its main focus being on medical grade cannabis farming and the distribution of cannabis. The ecosystem provides an end to end structure starting with the cultivation of cannabis both in greenhouses while providing a market for distribution through partner distributors and clinic franchises – Herbidus Medical and Wellness Center. 

HIGH Token ($HIGH) is a BEP-20 token and is the utility token of the HIGH ecosystem. The token derives value from the profitability of the ecosystem and the power of the community. $HIGH is the main utility token of the $HIGH ecosystem. The HIGH token is an ecosystem token backed by real businesses with existing operations in Thailand. The token provides an alternative way for investors around the world to invest in the cannabis industry. Investments in the HIGH token will be used for the development of multiple businesses involved in the supply chain of the HIGH ecosystem. The HIGH team will be using 10% of the profit of the HIGH ecosystem to buy back and burn the HIGH Token.

HIGH Token is directed by strong leaders who are experts in their fields. Dr Duke Fu started Green Therapeutics in Las Vegas, NV from 2015 as CEO. He constructed and operated multiple premiere manufacturing, cultivation, and retail facilities across multiple states and countries. Andy Zhang, an experienced Master Grower started learning about hemp and marijuana in 2017 in Colorado, and is now using his expertise to operate the farms. Dr Erik Fleischman, the Head of the Health Concierge, helps in educating members on the benefits of cannabis in terms of aiding weight loss, a catalyst for anti aging among many other benefits. Josh Schmidt and Adam Schoenfeld are the advisors of the team. Schmidt spent several years sourcing the best cannabis genetics on earth and Schoenfeld Co-Founder is the Chief Strategy Officer & Director at Greenlane Inc. Greenlane is the leading global platform for the development and distribution of premium cannabis accessories and lifestyle products.

HIGH Token has the opportunity to work with a thriving team of partners, Meta World Development Co. Ltd, DEE Thai Gummy and VIBES. Their open and honest discussions, thoughts, ideas and opinions helps them find better ways to work for the betterment of the ecosystem. The partners, masters in their pursuits,  work with the leaders to shape and implement effective strategies and programmes, drawing on their unique knowledge as professionals to explore more ways of using cannabis for the advancement of society.

Join our presale 2 starting on the 12th of October 2022!




Presale 2:

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