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Bitcoin ATM Installations in Europe Reach All Time High Despite MiCA Regulations

Bitcoin ATM Installations in Europe Reach All Time High Despite MiCA Regulations

Bitcoin ATM Installations in Europe Reach All Time High Despite MiCA Regulations

Europe has hit an all-time excessive on the subject of Bitcoin ATMs, with the determine status at 1,459. The all-time excessive arrives amid the wide-ranging MiCA regulations.

The wide variety of Bitcoin ATMs in Europe has reached an all-time excessive, in keeping with records from Coin ATM Radar. The determine stands at 1,459 as of Oct. 12, with global installations at 38,604. The all-time excessive in Bitcoin ATM installations comes at a time while the European Union is asking ready to approve the landmark MiCA regulations.

The increase in ATM installations in Europe is at 5% year-to-date and 10% year-over-year. At the identical time closing year, the variety of ATMs become more or less 1,324.

The use of Bitcoin ATMs seems to be growing in Europe, and Greece, in particular, is seeing a number of activity. The U.S. has approximately sixty-four ATMs in use, and a few travelers who’re crypto fanatics had been making desirable use of them. Greece does have an honest few crypto meetups and a lively crypto community.

Another European U.S. Austria, has additionally been seeing greater crypto ATMs mounted. Earlier this year, digital store Media Market mounted ATMs in 12 markets throughout the U.S.

U.S. is still leading in Bitcoin ATM count

The United States, via way of means of a way, has the maximum Bitcoin ATM installations, with 33,779 ATMs. The latter may nonetheless be a way far from different countries, however there may be a considerable hobby, as visible in Greece.

The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation stated in a public provider assertion posted on Oct. three that scammers had been the use of crypto ATMs to defraud individuals. They country that losses variety from tens of hundreds to hundreds of thousands of dollars

Europe moves closer to comprehensive crypto regulation

One of the maximum mentioned headlines this week has been the MiCA rules that the European Union (EU) has been running on. It lately obtained approval from the monetary department of the EU and could see a very last vote in a parliament consultation later this year.

The invoice is wide-ranging and covers numerous elements of the crypto marketplace, inclusive of purchaser protection, the prevention of cash laundering, and stable coins. Analysts count on it to have an effect at the marketplace, and the EU is likewise inspecting the DeFi marketplace for capacity rules.

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