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Best Metaverse Real Estate Projects

Best Metaverse Real Estate Projects

Art, real estate, videos, and other assets have been digitized into non-fungible tokens (NFTs). They are cryptographic tokens on the blockchain that cannot be replicated and represent natural objects. NFT sales have skyrocketed over the past five years; some have sold for $6 million or more. Investors have a wide range of NFTs to choose from, but the key is to select those that offer the highest returns. An asset is not valuable just because it is an NFT; it must be helpful.

Although Metaverse properties are properties in a virtual world, sales have exceeded $500 million. It’s a profitable niche, so investors should do their due diligence to identify the best Metaverse real estate projects. We’ve provided a step-by-step guide to buying Metaverse land and everything virtual land investors need to know.

Top 3 Metaverse Land Projects

Before buying real estate in the Metaverse, investors should know about the best projects. This will help them decide which one is best for them. We think Silks and Battle Infinity offer the best land in the Metaverse.

  • Silks – Top-Rated NFT Crypto Game

Throughout the Silks metaverse, members collect and trade actual thoroughbred racehorses. This gaming platform encourages collaboration between horse farm owners, racehorse owners, and speculators to maximize rewards from thoroughbred racing. Business. Members of the Silks ecosystem can convert the land into horse farms, buy and trade horses, syndicate horses, speculate on land, and join horse owner groups. Get rewards for breeding, racing, and betting horses.

Members also earn rewards by mining and contributing to the ecosystem. The project was created by a team with extensive experience in the horse racing industry. One of the co-founders, Troy Levy, owns Circle 8 Farms and is the CEO of Tropical Racing, a thorough multi-faceted breeding, and racing company that is a strategic partner of Silks.

The birth and registration of an actual thoroughbred racehorse in the USA prompted Silks to create a digital counterpart as a derivative NFT. The NFT tracks the horse’s physical traits, linkage, and development in the real world. The inaugural minting of Silks Horses NFT is scheduled for September 29. This event allows all Silks Racing Avatar NFT holders to stamp their first Silks Horses NFTs. During the first four days of coins, there will be a unique pricing system where Avatar owners can coin their Silks Horses NFT for $500 (September 29 – October 2).

You need one of the Silks Racing avatars to participate. Silks members can participate in the ecosystem by speculating on land, developing horse farms, syndicating horses, joining horse owner groups, and buying horses. As Silks is a game to win, players are rewarded with gambling, racings, and horse breeding. Overall, Silks has created a fantastic ecosystem for all horse racing lovers, providing a method to earn a secondary income by staking. As a result, we found Silks to be one of the best NFTs to buy in 2022.

  • Tamadoge – Overall Best Metaverse Real Estate Project

Tamadoge is an NFT project that was recently pre-ordered. The game is based on the metaverse but will soon be integrated into the Metaverse, where players can use AR headsets to raise their dogs. This NFT game allows players to win while feeding, breeding, and walking their dogs. The game’s native token, TAMA, is used to reward players who best evolve their pets. Rewards are paid from a pool of 65% of all TAMA tokens issued. Another 30% of the tokens issued will be used for platform development and marketing. And the remaining 5% of issued tokens will be burned for eternity. This significantly reduces the supply of 2 billion coins.

But the coin supply should decrease soon as 50% of all tokens are expected to be used up during the pre-sale. The coin is then listed on central exchanges. This means higher demand for TAMA due to more prolonged exposure, but supply will decrease. It’s obvious what happens to the price of an asset in high demand but low supply. Other platform developments include a P2E arcade app and games.

Before Tamadoge explodes, it’s time to invest in it. Investors have several options to buy TAMA. They can use their credit cards, Tether (USDT) or Ethereum (ETH). Investors should not miss out on this NFT project regardless of the payment method used.

  • Battle Infinity – Popular NFT Fantasy Sports Game

A fantasy sports game called Battle Infinity is a new game from the Metaverse that creates airways. The game developers have designed this gaming platform to combine fundamental elements like players meeting and interacting in real-time with virtual games. Elements as players explore the Metaverse with their VR headsets. Players have access to different platforms and start in Battle Swap, which allows them to buy the native token IBAT. Battle Swap also will enable players to convert their rewards into coins. Battle Infinity offers one of the best NFT markets.

In the Battle Market, assets and characters are tokenized as NFTs to have value. Players use NFT Passports to participate in leagues and games in the IBAT Premier League. Using IBAT, players monetize land and advertise on billboards within the ecosystem. Battle Game gives players access to multiple games, and Battle Arena is where players can explore the Metaverse and chat with other players. Players can have their unique avatars and add items such as sunglasses and clothing to their characters while redesigning the character’s hair.

Entertainment isn’t the only aspect of Battle Infinity; the goal is to win. Players can earn Battle Stake rewards by competing for the highest Annual Percentage Yield (APY). Half of the transaction fees incurred on the platform are filtered into the global betting pool, which IBAT pays out to the most active players. Keeping up to date with the latest game alerts is best done through the Telegram group. Since Battle Infinity has tremendous growth potential, investors wanting to be a part of the next big thing should act fast.

Battle Infinity pre-ordered IBAT, and it sold out in 24 days. This is well ahead of the expected completion date of October 10, 2022. The next opportunity for investors to buy IBAT is PancakeSwap.

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