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Best Crypto Airdrops for 2022

Best Crypto Airdrops for 2022

A Closer Look at the Best Crypto Airdrops, Due to its broad applicability in blockchain projects, the crypto airdrop space has been a buzzword lately, Exploding in value. Check out the following sections for the best crypto airdrops to consider right now:

  • Dash 2 Trade – Overall Best Crypto Airdrop Hosting $150k Giveaway

Dash 2 Trade (D2T), a new cryptocurrency project aiming to empower traders and investors worldwide with a powerful suite of analytical tools, just announced a $150,000 giveaway for token holders of CKD- based D2T. Dash 2 trade deals have proved popular as the D2T token presale sold its first phase, raising $1,666,000 in 72 hours. To reward their backers and spread the word about their presale, Dash 2 Trade just announced a massive $150,000 giveaway. Open to anyone with at least $150 worth of D2T tokens when the draw takes place, it’s easy to enter this giveaway. Just perform basic social actions like B. Follow Dash 2 Trade on Twitter and Instagram.

The project’s native D2T token serves various purposes within the Dash 2 Trade ecosystem. An interesting use for the token is backtesting the platform’s built-in trading strategy. However, the most common and intriguing use for the ticket is as a currency to purchase a Dash 2 Trade membership. Dash 2 Trade membership tiers are as follows: Free – The free plan provides immediate access to Dash 2 Trade and its on-chain analytics.

Starter (400 D2T per month): The Starter plan gives users access to all Dash 2 Trade features, including basic analytics. Premium (1,000 D2T monthly or 9,600 D2T yearly): For users who want to get the most out of their subscription, the Premium plan offers access to professional data and detailed presale information. The Dash 2 Trade presale is divided into nine distinct stages, with prices starting at $0.0476 and gradually increasing to $0.0662 during the ninth stage. 

This approach rewards early supporters of the project and encourages investment. Dash 2 Trade offers its members a variety of powerful tools, including a customizable automated trading API, a system that ranks upcoming ICOs or presales based on a “dash score,” an integrated strategy builder with backtesting, and a variety of social and on-chain metrics. Check out Dash 2 Trade Report for more details. Dash 2 Trade is a fascinating crypto project that excited investors. Since the project is hosting a massive $150,000 giveaway, it’s likely to draw even more attention.

As such, it might be worth checking out the project and stocking up on D2T tokens today before prices skyrocket in phase two. Join the Dash 2 Trade Telegram to stay informed of all updates.

  • IMPT – Green Cryptocurrency Running $100,000 Prize Draw

IMPT is a sustainable cryptocurrency that aims to enhance the carbon offset market by tokenizing credits equivalent to offsetting one tonne of CO2 from the atmosphere. The presale has already raised $8.4 million and attracted further investment; IMPT has launched a massive $100,000 giveaway for IMPT token holders. Entering the IMPT Sweepstakes is easy. The only requirement is to have at least $100 in IMPT on the draw day.

To enter the competition, participants can perform simple actions such as entering a crypto address, following IMPT on Twitter, and joining the IMPT Telegram group. Although the carbon offset market is worth approximately $270 billion, it suffers from a lack of transparency. This hurts the growth of the voluntary carbon offset market and reduces people’s trust in the sector. However, IMPT will only work with organizations verified by a third party and use NFT 

 technology to make carbon credits transparent. To ensure everyone has the choice to reduce their carbon footprint, IMPT will work with over 10,000 leading companies and allow people to earn IMPT tokens that they can redeem for carbon credits simply by shopping.

This also allows brands to reduce their carbon footprint without changing their business model. See the IMPT whitepaper for more details. To engage more with its audience, IMPT will create a social media platform that will allow users to show their contribution to the environment. This platform will feature several different ranks and insignia. Users can also exchange a carbon credit for a unique NFT that can be displayed on this social platform or sold for crypto.

Overall, IMPT is one of the most promising crypto projects out there right now. It has a high intrinsic value, probably one reason the IMPT presale is so popular. With investors and increasing demand, there is no better time to participate in the IMPT presale.

  • Calvaria – Top Play to Earn Game Offering Giveaway During Presale

Calvaria is a fantastic new game where players can earn rewards using their two native tokens. The $RIA token is currently in presale. Investors who want to secure the lowest cryptocurrency prices can get this coin for $0.01 in the first presale phase. But an even better offer is Calvaria’s $100,000 gift.

This sweepstake aims to make its presale even more exciting by allowing investors to win $100,000 worth of RIA tokens by holding a $100 value of RIA coins on the day of the draw. To increase an investor’s chances of winning, Calvaria allows multiple entries for investors to complete tasks. An investor who buys the minimum number of tokens and tweets #calvariagang will receive an additional 25 tickets. Joining the Telegram group offers another 15 entries. Investors can complete ten social media tasks to increase their chances of winning the raffle consisting of $70,000 for the first prize, $20,000 for the second prize, and a $10,000 gift for the third prize.

Starting October 26, 2022, the Calvaria giveaway ends in 55 days. The giveaway consists of more than 86,000 entries. Calvaria rewards investors with eRIA and RIA tokens for strategically outsmarting opponents through card tactics. Each card represents a unique character with abilities that a player can enhance. Players can purchase higher-level cards by combining cards of the same power.

The game rewards players for the time played and for winning tournaments. Calvaria’s white paper states that players will also collect unique cards and other resources that can be sold on secondary markets. Both tokens are tradable and include 0% sales tax. Investors can use RIA tokens for staking to earn more coins and for ecosystem governance to vote on crucial issues that will shape the future of the game. Calvaria is almost halfway through the first phase of the presale and the second phase increases the coin’s value.

Since RIA tokens are required to earn rewards, play games, and enter sweepstakes, investors should get them while they’re available at the lowest price.

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