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BabyDoge Price Soars on This New Listing: Details

BabyDoge Price Soars on This New Listing: Details

BabyDoge Price Soars on This New Listing: Details

  • US-listed abyDoge, coin prints big green candle.
  • BabyDoge token burns, plummeting SHIB’s
  • SHIB burn rate into fall

ONUS Listed BabyDoge, Coin Prints Large Green candle

Vietnam-based exchange ONUS, which now has over 2 million users, has added support for Baby Doge Coin. The platform was announced on October 15. Off-chain transactions on the UNOS network are available for BabyDoge to trade and convert against USDT and VNDC.

The exchange blog post states that due to a low conversion rate from VNDC to BabyDoge, one BABYDOGE1M will be worth the same as 1,000,000 BabyDoge. As a result of this news, BabyDoge’s price skyrocketed, jumping from $0.000000001181 to $0.000000001266 in October, 15. At the moment the exchange rate has gone down a bit, but BabyDoge was trading in the price range of $0.000000001222.

BabyDoge token burns dwarfing those of SHIB

The BabyDoge community has been very active in removing their tokens from circulation and placing them in dormant wallets. According to the @babydogeburn_ account, which regularly reports new BabyDoge Burn transactions, the community got rid of 7,894,663,056,589 meme coins in the last 24 hours. This is worth approximately $9,379. To compare with SHIB, in the last similar period, the SHIB army managed to burn 46,348,209 Shiba Inu. This equates to $477.

SHIB burn rate plummets in the fall

Data from the analytics platform CryptEye has shown that the SHIB burn rate has decreased significantly compared to early September. According to this website, the SHIB army managed to remove approximately 12 billion tokens over the summer. Also, the price of SHIB has also fallen 15% since the beginning of September. When the price goes down, the community has the perfect opportunity to burn more coins at a lower cost, but they seem to have missed the opportunity.


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