Aventis to Become Asia’s 1st Graduate School to Enter Metaverse

Aventis to Become Asia’s 1st Graduate School to Enter Metaverse

Aventis Graduate School unveiled its metaverse roadmap and become Asia’s first graduate school to enter the metaverse.

The Aventis Metaverse was built in collaboration with Multiverse Labs and Smobler Studios.

Through the metaverse, Singapore headquartered Aventis is aiming to graduate and executive education affordable and accessible across Southeast Asia.

Aventis Metaverse is expected to begin beta testing with existing students and alumni onboarding in the third quarter of 2022.

The metaverse’s phygital (a mix of physical and digital) design will allow professionals and executives in Southeast Asia to gain access to education through networking, conferences, and global executive or advanced management programmes.

“By focusing on phygital, senior executives and professionals in Southeast Asia can enjoy both metaverse and physical through hybrid networking and global executive conferences. We aim to have the first ASEAN Conference in September to align with the return of the F1 Night Race in Singapore,” said Samuel Teo, General Manager of Aventis Graduate School.

Currently, Phygital claims to have more than 60,000 students from around the globe.

Aventis champions human capital development.

The metaverse is an immersive digital environment populated by virtual avatars representing actual people.

This article was originally published on blockchain.news

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