Aave acquires web3 social gaming app Sonar to expand Lens Protocol

Aave acquires web3 social gaming app Sonar to expand Lens Protocol
  • Aave bought Sonar, a Web3-compatible social gaming app, to integrate with its Lens Protocol decentralized identity platform. 
  • Aave hired Sonar brothers and co-founders Ben South Lee and Randolph Lee to lead Lens’ expansion into Web3 services.

Aave Companies acquired Sonar, a mobile social gaming application that supports NFT-based avatars, to extend the Lens protocol for identity to web3 consumer products. Sonar co-founder Ben South Lee joins Aave as Senior Vice President of Products and Design. His brother, Sonar co-founder Randolph Lee, will transition to a senior engineering position at Aave. The two will lead a team that develops mobile applications that integrate Aave’s Lens protocol, a decentralized identity platform for Web3 services. Sonar is available on iOS and hosts thousands of active users who can interact with each other using avatars represented as colored dots or 3D characters for users who equip Moji NFT in their profiles.,

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Aave aims for broader integration between Lens Protocol, Sonar, and other Web3 applications in 2023.

Sonar will be the first social mobile metaverse built on the Lens protocol,” an Aave representative told The Block via email. Important and one of the biggest differences between Web2 applications.

The identity system provided by Lens will also be integrated into Sonar. “Users will be able to create and take ownership of Lens profiles and benefit from all the features that the Lens protocol offers,” Aave said. Specific terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

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