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10 cryptocurrency hashtags to follow on Twitter for latest updates

10 cryptocurrency hashtags to follow on Twitter for latest updates

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms for cryptocurrency fans and the crypto curious to discover, explore and learn about the latest news from the digital asset market.

Hashtags are how communities and conversations happen on Twitter and there are bucketloads to choose from, talking about cryptocurrency 24/7, however, there are many more hashtags about crypto than just #crypto.

Crypto hashtags used on Twitter are different from those used on other social media platforms, Twitter is a much more versatile platform that allows you to reach a lot more people, which means knowing all the right hashtags to use will guarantee you a voice in the conversation.

Top 10 crypto hashtags to follow on Twitter

  1. #Bitcoin and #BTC

The @Bitcoin account has 4.5 million followers, making it one of the most popular on Twitter and the hashtag #Bitcoin is by far the most popular on Twitter yet.

  1. #Cryptocurrency and #Crypto

With over 8 million impressions per hour, the hashtag #crypto is the second most popular on this list.

  1. #Ethereum

The #ethereum account on Twitter has 2.1 million followers.

  1. #BinanceSmartChain

In the motley mix of cryptocurrencies on Twitter, the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) recently became one of the most followed.

  1. #Dogecoin

The memecoin Dogecoin has Elon Musk to thank for its viral popularity. Even today, the novelty is yet to wear off, with the @Dogecoin account enjoying 2.9 million followers.


Who doesn’t like free money? So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the hashtag #Airdrop is one of the most popular on Twitter when it comes to crypto.


  1. #Cardano

The buzz surrounding a blockchain project is one of the strongest indicators of its potential, so it is not a surprise that Cardano’s Twitter community is 1.2 million strong.

  1. #Blockchain

The @Blockchain account on Twitter has 1.2 million followers, but that is not the most exciting thing about it. Given massive developments relying on blockchain technology, the #blockchain hashtag gets a whopping 1,800 unique tweets, 4.7 million views, and 554 retweets every hour.

  1. #MSHIBA

$MSHIBA is not your regular doge. This token encompasesses from different galaxies. It has been held by the likes of Captain Shiba, Saiyan Shiba, Joker Shiba just to mention a few. These legendary doges are here to pass on the powers of the metaverse to you.

  1. #Altcoin and #Altcoins

Altcoins outperformed Bitcoin in 2021, so they have good reason to be trending. Currently, the hashtag #altcoin has a visibility of over 2 million and 550 unique tweets every hour.

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