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10 Big Money Airdrops Are Coming to Savvy Crypto Traders, According to Analyst – Here’s How to Capitalize

10 Big Money Airdrops Are Coming to Savvy Crypto Traders, According to Analyst – Here’s How to Capitalize

A popular crypto analyst draws attention to 10 upcoming airdrops and advises investors on how to capitalize on them. In a long thread, crypto strategist Miles Deutscher tells his 257,000 Twitter followers to watch for the next 10 airdrops. The trader claims that airdrops are a fantastic way for investors to profit. First up is the decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol SEI Network (SEI), which will distribute 1% of its total token supply to beta testers who install their wallet, join their Discord, and use Vortex, a decentralized derivatives exchange. Next is the Celestia (TIA) airdrop, the first modular blockchain.

To get their tokens, users also need to create a wallet, join Discord to get testnet tokens, transfer the tokens to another wallet, and then create a node.

Then Deutscher draws attention to the airdrop of MetaMask (MASK), one of the market’s most widely used crypto wallets. Bypass Metamask, donate to Gitcoin, use Gnosis Safe and have a non-fungible token (NFT). The interoperability blockchain LayerZero (ZRO) offers an airdrop as the fourth on the list. Vote on Stargate Finance, the protocol’s DAO, then leverage the project buildings on LayerZero and actively participate in the community’s financial ecosystem. Next on the list is 5ireChain’s fifth-generation blockchain airdrop.

To participate, merchants must take a survey, apply, and wait for approval.

The sixth crypto asset on the list is zkSYNC (ARBI), a Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum (ETH). To participate, traders must transfer funds to the protocol, exchange their ETH for USD coins (USDC), re-upload a file to a specific cloud, donate to Gitcoin, claim their tokens, and then ride along the exchange of the protocol. Deutscher then draws attention to the airdrop of the smart contract platform ZetaChain (ZETA). To get their tokens, investors need to join their Discord, verify their identity, follow the protocol on Twitter, and then complete a series of tasks on their network. The eighth crypto on the strategist’s list is Quai Network (QUAI), a blockchain mining network.

To receive the airdrop, users need to connect their Twitter and Discord accounts to the log panel and be active members of the project’s social media campaign.

The last digital assets on the list are the Layer 2 scaling solution Arbitrum (ARBI) and the Lens Decentralized Social Network Protocol (LENS). (EVM), interact with Arbitrum’s decentralized applications and participate in Arbitrum Odyssey, the upbeat project summary.

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